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Stumble Upon Stone Town Centre’s Newest Gem Posted On 03 December 2021


If you’re struggling for the perfect Christmas gift, the new chocolate shop in Stone may just have the answer!


Chocbox is the name of this new delight, which has just opened during the past couple of weeks, following a five-month refurbishment. The location of the store is on the site of the former Victoria Wines and Sue Ryder stores, which has been vacant for a number of years. Chocbox holds three key values: Quality and taste, price, and learning about top chocolate.


But this isn’t any normal chocolate store. It specialises in chocolate from across the world, giving it a real-life Willy Wonka-esque ‘wow’ factor. Co-owner Kay Wood spoke on exactly this matter, saying, ‘We have had such amazing comments from customers. It's a very big shop and really has the wow factor with the sheer amount of chocolates available’. Among the countries represented in Chocbox’s store are Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium and America.


And this powerhouse of a chocolate store really does cater for everyone, and every occasion. Their gift recommendations begin at £2.74, with their most expensive gift box, a ‘No-Added Sugar Gift Box’, selling at £24.95. As well as gift options, the store caters for vegans, and has a number of sugar-free options. And impressively, the store also offers a Pic ‘n’ Mix service, where one can choose from 100 items. The next aim for Chocbox is adding to their hamper selection, so customers can enjoy a variety of treats, all in one basket!


Kay went on to speak about why Chocbox has the ability to succeed in this competitive market. She said, ‘There aren't any other shops around that sell the same variety and range that we do. People are hearing about us and coming in from around the area to see what we have. It's great to bring people into the town centre, particularly as this shop has been empty for so long’.


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to Chocbox, and make that special someone’s Christmas delightful! 

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