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The Christmas Clean Posted On 06 December 2021


Places you’ve probably forgotten to Clean


The festive period goes hand-in-hand with entertaining and hosting. Chances are at some point you'll be throwing open your doors to welcome in family and friends alike. Hosting serves as the ultimate prompt to gently (force) nudge you into giving your home a bit of a spruce-up. Inevitably, there are areas we all forget.


The good news is, if you’ve forgotten to clean one of these places, it probably means it’s not immediately visible to you or your guests.  But now you are planning a deeper clean, focus on these oft-overlooked spots for the ultimate satisfaction and a fresh-feeling home.


Soft Furnishings - soft furnishings generally tend to absorb dust and musty smells. This means they may not look much cleaner once you’re done, but your room should smell fresher, and you can enjoy feeling quietly smug. Washing cushion covers should be simple, but lots of cushion inners can also go in the washing machine. Root out the care instruction label on each and be prepared to tackle different fillings differently. A suitable steam cleaner is a potential alternative that can also be good for curtains and upholstery.


Pendant Lights - While it may be rare that you’ll look up to examine your pendant lights, the fact these overhead fittings are out of your daily eye-line means they are often overlooked. As such, lighting should be higher up your list for a wipe down or a dust to keep them cobweb-free and functioning well. Clean the entire fitting, inside and out, removing it if feasible and remembering that bowl-shaped fittings in particular can collect a fairly generous layer of dirt and debris.


Fridges and Microwaves - Take a sponge to the inside of your microwave and wipe away any food that’s made its way onto the inside—better yet, wipe it away as soon as you see it happen! Then, take a quick peek in the fridge and toss anything that’s expired or going bad.


Now you've tackled the cleaning, the last thing to get ready is yourself. Get dressed up, pour yourself a drink and bask in the glow of your clean home whilst entertaining your family and friends.

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